Artist Statement

If "photography is essentially an act of recognition”*, photography also provides a vehicle to look at the apparent world differently. It provides a unique opportunity to see and ultimately record the richness that often lies latent or overlooked in the visual world around us.

Deeply personal, both in terms of personal encounter and aesthetic choices, the process of selecting the scene and creating the photograph is as important in my practice as the photograph itself. Through the subject of the photograph I attempt to create an imagery that is intriguing and that reaches beyond immediate appearance to bring about both a revelation of the latent and recognition of the familiar for the observer. My intent is to discover and articulate that essence of the scene - some intrinsic aspect of vantage point, light, color, tone or organization of form and space – that transforms the recorded moment to create a sense of recognition, a visual memory while remaining faithful to the original scene.

* Duane Michals

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