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Forgotten Places


Forgotten Places

When does a photograph of a landscape become more than a postcard? How can it become more than a banal reminder of somebody else's vacation?

In the series Forgotten Places, I am interested in our idea of landscape and in the power of images of anonymous natural and urban landscapes to suggest: to connect us to a sense of place that is beyond simple representation, to conjure stories, to evoke memories, real or imagined, to awaken nostalgia and emotion. Perhaps idiosyncratic in their selection, I avoid the spectacular or the particular, in favor of the ordinary and the intimate. These are places that may appear to be singular and anywhere at the same time, images that speak to the fragility of memory. I pursue scenes and construct photographs whose ambiance and equivocal context attempt to reach beyond passive observation and to transcend the scene and the moment of the photograph itself.

My intention is to implicate the viewer through scenes that draw on familiar motifs – forest, sea, empty streets, scenes viewed through windows - whose patterns and essence persist as ancient cultural memories, not necessarily as places that are known,  but as familiar images that serve as reminders of other moments and that can also be suggestive of other paths. Visual meditations, the photographs lie at the intersection between an impersonal documentation and personal encounter.

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