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Photography inspires me to reexamine the apparent world, to focus on, frame and connect with my surroundings. It provides a unique opportunity to observe, represent and ultimately recall the richness that often lies latent or overlooked in the commonplace world around us.


My photographs represent my own experience of place, both in terms of the personal encounter and aesthetic choices. The process of discovery, selection, extraction and the creation of the image is as personally important in my practice as the final image itself. I am interested in transmitting the sensation of the place as I have experienced it, its undefined possibility to evoke, in the tension between what I uncover and the associations it may suggest. My intent is to discover and articulate that essence of the original scene - some intrinsic aspect of vantage point, light, color, tone or organization of form and space - that transcends the immediate appearance of the recorded moment to create a sense of recognition and visual meditation for the viewer while remaining faithful to the original scene.

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