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I can be seduced and perhaps even be haunted by certain secluded and deserted places. Long, desolate roads, leading seemingly to nowhere. Abandoned tracks. Silent passageways. Cloisters. Doors, portals, facades. Stairways. Empty streets. Hidden corners. Dark places. 


These places inspire me by their expressive potential, by their possibility to allude to a moment in time or a certain indefinable nuance of mood and emotion. They are the source material for the images in Passages where my intent is to create images that have the power to suggest, to coax rather than direct, and that hold the promise to multiple meanings. Images that evoke private, individual journeys. Images that suggest arrivals and departures, voyages and destinations, purposeful action or wandering, meetings and partings, places and times left behind. Images that signify a future act, that imply something hidden around the corner or down the street, that hint at a forbidden encounter, that evoke a sense of anticipation and mystery or even intrigue.

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